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The Elm wood stoves by Vermont Iron Stove Works
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To see videos of The Elm stove assembly, baffle installation, and glass installation click: here

8" legs, set of 4
Price: $75.00

Weight: 8 lb.

14" legs, set of 4
Price: $90.00

Weight: 12 lb.

24" non cat Elm stove baffle
Price: $150.00

Weight 20 lb.

18" non cat Elm stove baffle
Price: $150.00

Weight 15 lb.

Catalytic Elm back casting
Price: $250.00

Weight: 31 lb.

Catalytic interior firebox baffle
Price: $90.00

Weight: 9 lb.

Non cat Elm back (45 degree opening)
Price: $250.00

Weight:  31 lb.

Catalytic combustor can casting
Price: $90.00

Weight:  8 lb.

Cast iron replacement Elm stove parts (pictures are not available for the following)

Description Price Weight
Ash Apron $95.00 8.5 lbs.
Round Elm Leaf Cooktop $75.00 8.5 lbs.
Door (without Elm tree or draft or handle) $125.00 14 lbs.
Door (with Elm tree and draft assembly and handle assembly) $450.00 ?? lbs.
Front ring, door complete assembly $650.00 ?? lbs.
Draft flap(with eye screw) $40.00 1 lb.
Elm tree casting $80.00 5 lbs.
Front ring casting $140.00 236lbs.
Handle (with threaded rod and dog) $40.00 2 lbs.
Catalytic bypass damper $60.00 10 lbs.
Catalytic griddle $65.00 12 lbs.
Catalytic cooktop housing $165.00 24 lbs.
Catalytic elm elbow $85.00 9 lbs.
45 degree elm elbow $85.00 9 lbs.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include freight. Freight cost is based on total weight of order being shipped.