Ecofans, a great addition to your Elm wood stoves

Ecofans, a great way to get more heat from your Elm stove. I placed one on both of my Elms. When the top of the stove reaches 300 degrees they start turning, and moving air around the space. For years people have been asking if Elms have fans. Since they never have, I decided to test how well the Ecofan worked, and was amazed at how rooms farther away from the stove were suddenly warmer, all the time. They are engineered to move more air when the stove is hotter, and less when the stove cools down. I highly recommend you try one for your stove.  They run on power generated from the difference in temps on the fan itself, and are not plugged in to any outlets.  They are quiet, with absolutely no sound coming from the fan.
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