18″ Clean Air Elm stove

This is the smallest Elm stove, built like the old Non Cat Elms from the 1980′s. This customer was looking for a stove to supplement their central wood fired boiler system. Since the house is very old and lacking proper insulation, the kitchen area, where they spend the most time, is the room where they wanted some warming radiant heat, and a place to cook as well. They have used an Elm from 1976 to heat that area. I was surprised that even without a firebox baffle, it was doing a very good job. They were burning more wood than they should have been, since there was no baffle to elongate the flame path and transfer the heat to the shell of the stove. Much of it would go right up the chimney. Fortunately it is a central chimney and gives off heat to the rooms. The 1976 will be rebuilt and serve as the primary heat source for a camp in Maine, which has new insulation, doors and windows.

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