Jim’s Elm parts arrive in Colville, Alaska

The parts went by truck from Montpelier, Vermont to Seattle, Wa. and were loaded on a barge to Anchorage, Alaska in March of 2011. This happened at the time the Japanese Tsunami was racing across the Pacific ocean. Fortunately the pallet was back on land for the final truck ride to Prudhoe Bay, where it was met by Jim’s wife and forwarded it to a point 6 miles from Jim’s remote home. It then was towed by snow machine to it’s new home, where the 80′s vintage Catalytic Elm will be transformed into a modern secondary air Elm stove. Jim’s thorough mechanical ability will be tested as he takes the old stove apart and mates the ends with the new barrel, baffle and box beam. New gaskets and paint will give him the airtight stove he needs and the beauty it deserves to start it’s new life keeping the family and lodge guests warm and comfortable for the long winters ahead. As always I will remain in email communication for any questions that come up. Good luck Jim!

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